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What Our Clients Are Saying:

"Our daughter has fun learning Mandarin Chinese at Simply Language Academy and looks forward to class every week. She is excited to share what she has learned with us, her little sister and her friends! She uses her new Mandarin vocabulary in daily conversation and play. Simply Language Academy has patient and encouraging instructors that make learning fun. Simply Language Academy is a great addition to our child's education!" - Sofia C.

“I was very pleased with the instruction my son Jacob received at Simply Language Academy. He learned about the Chinese culture, language and traditions in a fun supportive atmosphere. He really enjoyed going and he built a foundation that can be utilized for further instruction in the Chinese language.” - Ann Marie M.

"Our 7 year old daughter is of Chinese heritage and very curious about her birth country, its language and culture. We were so excited to learn about Simply Language Academy. Not only is she learning language, she is learning about culture and tradition but most importantly she is having fun." - Susan H.

“I moved to Fort Mill from Hong Kong 6 years ago. I have a 11 years old boy, Andre who communicates with me in Cantonese at home. Considering Mandarin as the most widely spoken first language in the world, I think it never goes wrong in learning a second language. He started to learn Mandarin in May, 2013 at Simply Language Academy. He loves the class, the teachers and the classmates. He is trying to write Chinese characters too. The teachers are nice, professional and patient. He does not only try to speak Mandarin now, but also knows more about Chinese culture in the class. “
- Joanne C.

"Simply Language is a exceptional learning institution. My daughter who is just seven absolutely loves learning Chinese from her teacher! JJ and the staff at Simply Language are caring and awesome people. I can't thank JJ and Mrs Lea for the wonderful experience my daughter Sania has had! Mrs Lea has instilled the love to learn Chinese in Sania and again I can't thank her enough for that. Simply Language is a great learning center for all ages. I highly recommended this facility.
Thank you,"
- Dr. Taral Patel and Priti Patel